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Rollgliss Stop Descender


The Stop Descender connects to the users harness and is designed to regulate friction and control the descent when a climber is descending on an anchored rope. The descender of choice for window cleaners, rescue personnel and cave explorers.


  • Single rope, single brake model, ideal for single rope applications
  • Anodised aluminium construction  for superior corrosion resistance, strength and durability (stainless steel model also available) 
  • Disarming pin locks the handle in the stopped position to prevent accidental release, allowing you to lock off if you intend to be stopped for any length of time to conduct rescue or work operations with total freedom of movement and peace of mind
  • Adjustable friction levels for greater flexibility when descending with larger loads
  • Auto stop descent mechanism allows you to stop the descent if you move the handle too far or if you let go of the lever
  • Side plate latch allows you to thread the rope without removing the device from its karabiner
  • Suits 9-13mm rope