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S-Tec Duck R back up device

The S-Tec Duck R Back Up device has been specifically designed and tested for use as a back up fall arrest device during rope access works.

Certified to the EN 12841 standard for Personal Fall Protection equipment, the Duck R is the go to bit of gear if you want to replace your old Petzl Shunt.


Weighing only 260gms, and made form hard wearing stainless steel, expect to see more of these out in the workplace in the future.



S-Tec have also tested the Duck R for 2 person rescue situations, the table below outlines the recommended use in a rescue.



 Safetec have released an additional amendment to the user manual, this amendment relates to the positioning of the device while in use. A copy of the amendment can be found at the link: Duck R Update

Duck R User Manual