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Petzl ASAP Lock Update

Petzl France have just released some information in regards to the ASAP Lock screws.
According to the info, the screws have been identified to have a surface defect on the head of the screw, which does looks like small cracks in the screw head.
Petzl have identified that this is a "SURFACE DEFECT ONLY" and "DOES NOT AFFECT ITS PERFORMANCE"
New replacement screws will be available in the next couple of weeks, so if you have purchased an ASAP Lock from us, please feel free to contact us and arrange for a replacement screw.
Ph: 03 9329 0377

Petzl ASAP Locks now in store!

It was with great excitement that took our first delivery of the new Petzl ASAP Locks yesterday.


The ASAP Lock eliminates the need to disconnect the ASAP from the tear away lanyard, allowing you do change from one back up rope to the next with ease. Along with that the locking function incorporated into the ASAP now means that you can lock out the wheel and say goodbye to handfuls of rope being pulled through the device by the wind.


Drop into the store and have a look and play with these great items!


For more information have a look at the ASAP Lock product page

The Height Safety and Rope Access Store - Stop Drop Tooling Oz Distributors!

 The Height Safety and Rope Access Shop is proud to annouce that we are a distributor of the Stop Drop Tooling products.

Stop Drop Tooling have designed a range of products that have lanyard attachment points in built to the tool. By doing this it allows for easy attachment of tools to lanyards or tethers, for when you are working at height.

At present, we stock the Stop Drop Tooling tool bags, and a small range of lanyards, we also have a demonstration kit of the tools for you to try your hands at!

If you are interested in the Stop Drop tools, please feel free to contact us to discuss ordering options.

You can check out the full range of Stop Drop Tooling products at

Online Store!

We're nearly there! After many hours of work, our online store is ready for your orders.

There is already a large range of products on the site, we have many more products in the pipeline to be added to the site, please be patient, and check back regularly for updates within our product range as well as product information.

In the meantime, if you can't find the product you're after, feel free to call the shop on 03 9329 0377, and have a chat to our freindly staff.